Predalady is a pesticide-free, non-toxic pheromone lure. It attracts beneficial insects to your crops, and garden to feed on destructive insect pests.

What Will PredaLady Attract?

Lacewing – Larvae of lacewings are generalist predators and attack almost any soft-bodied insect such as aphids, mites, whiteflies, mealybugs, thrips, scale crawlers, caterpillars, psyllids and eggs of all.  Larva can kill 30-50 aphids per day.

Lady Beetle – Aggressive predator of aphids, mites, scale crawlers, caterpillar and beetle eggs and larvae, particularly Colorado potato beetle.

Syrphids – (Flower or Hover flies) Adult flies feed on pollen and nectar, whereas larvae feed on all soft-bodied insects.  Larvae can consume 200-800 aphids in a 7-10 day period.  They play an important role in suppressing populations of phytophagous insects. 

Orius – Minute Pirate Bug.  A generalist predator in many crops, ornamentals, and landscape.  Adults and nymphs feed on small insects and eggs of aphids, mites, psyllids, thrips, whiteflies, and small caterpillars. 

Phytoseiulus – A predatory mite that feeds exclusively on spider mites and can devour several dozen mite eggs and 2-3 adults daily.  

Application:  Place PredaLady dispenser in a tree, garden or nursery where control is needed.  Lure lasts approximately 30 days.