Our Products

Dillon Distributors stocks a variety of products for you or your customers to incorporate into a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management Program. We also work with our customers and suppliers to special order any traps, lures, or replant products that customers may need. For general common product information please see below.

If you don’t see what you need, or are unsure what you need please contact us for a consultation.

MCH is a potent, non-toxic anti-aggregation pheromone recommended by the USFS and leading industry professionals. which repels Douglas Fir Beetles and Spruce Beetles in a forest stand or individual tree. The pheromone repellent is enclosed in a controlled release dispenser that is stapled or nailed to trees prior to Douglas-fir Beetle peak flights in the spring. 

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Verbenone is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring pheromone that effectively protect trees from a variety of forest destroying Bark Beetles.

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Protect your fruit trees with powerful, non-toxic moth traps: that lures and contains adult moths before they have a chance to produce fruit destroying larvae. Primarily used for monitoring the appropriate time for spray application. Use these effective traps as a part of your comprehensive pest management system.

Adhesive traps are an easy, non-toxic and effective way to monitor and trap a multitude of Winged Pests in your vegetable garden or greenhouse.

Effective, pesticide free and non-toxic way to entice Honey Bees to your garden, orchard or berry patch. Native Honey Bees effectively pollinate plants to increase yields.

Predalady is a pesticide-free, non-toxic pheromone lure. It attracts beneficial insects to your crops, and garden to feed on destructive insect pests.

Simple, effective non-toxic lure to trap and monitor pesky flies. This attractive trap is safe to be used  in outdoor living spaces, patios, barns, or in the garden.

We offer a variety of Delta Traps constructed out of durable material for season after season of effective use.  They feature disposable liners.