BeetleBlock Verbenone

Verbenone is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring pheromone that effectively protects trees from a variety of forest destroying Pine Beetles.  Verbenone is an anti-aggregation (repellent) pheromone specifically for the pine beetle. Verbenone pouches/dispensers deter attacks in tree stands and protect susceptible trees. It helps control Mountain Pine Beetle (Dendractonus ponderosae), Southern Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus frontalis), Western Pine Beetle (Dendroctonus brevicomus), Red Turpentine beetle (Dendroctonus valens), Pine Engraver (Ips pini), Northern Spruce Engraver (Ips perturbatus) and California Five-spined Ips (Ips paraconfusus).

Verbenone – How It Works

Verbenone is a synthetic pheromone that replicates the beetle pheromone, sending a message to incoming beetles that the tree is full and that the food supply is insufficient for additional beetles. Arriving beetles receive the “message” that they should look elsewhere for a suitable host.  Because beetles are not strong flyers, their next tree host must be within a short distance. If that home is “full”, they must continue traveling until they reach a good tree. By forcing them to fly further and further, they succumb to exhaustion or simply can’t find a suitable host and land in an inhospitable place where they die.  Verbenone has been used as part of integrated pest management programs **(IPM) for more than a decade. Many studies show that areas treated with Verbenone as part of an IPM program fare significantly better than those that are not treated against mountain pine, southern pine, and ips beetle attacks.

General Use of Verbenone

Easy-to-use controlled-release pouches/dispensers are applied on individual trees or placed in a grid pattern when wanting to protect acreage. Placed approx. 6-12’ high on the north face of the tree or downwind of prevailing breezes so that the “plume” of pheromone will drift in the direction of the trees being protected. Treatment is usually site-specific, depending on such factors as proximity, size, rate of growth of an infestation, stand age, local weather and integration with other control tactics.  Inexperienced users are advised to seek guidance from a professional.  Additionally, preventative measures will need to be repeated each year.  Verbenone is a pest control product and can be used in environmentally sensitive habitats. It is environmentally safe and non-toxic to humans, pets, birds, and even the beetles themselves. Registered by EPA and most Rocky Mountain States. All pheromones in controlled release dispensers are approved organic by USDA/NOP. It is user and Eco-Friendly. Verbenone does not kill bees, beneficial insects, or aquatic organisms.

What is (IPM) Integrated Pest Management

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on the life cycles of pests and their interaction with the environment. This information, in combination with available pest control methods, is used to manage pest damage by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.