Master Catcher Fly Trap

Master Catcher is a simple, effective non-toxic lure to trap and monitor pesky flies. This attractive trap is safe to be used in outdoor living spaces, patios, barns, or in the garden.

What Will Master Catcher Attract?

Attracts: Muscidae, commonly known as house flies or stable flies. This family contains almost 4,000 described species in over 100 genera. Calliphoridae, commonly known as blow flies, blow-flies, carrion flies, bluebottles, greenbottles, or cluster flies are a family of insects with 1,200 known species. Sarcophagidae, a family commonly known as flesh flies.

Application: Master Catcher Fly Traps are easy-to-use hanging water traps. Simply hang up anywhere flies are a problem. Trap is sealable for sanitary disposal when full. Potent insecticide-free attractant included, just add water. Lure lasts approximately 3 weeks.
Comes in 5 different colors and includes lure.